And the creating continues…

14 Mar

I had no idea creating a blog would be so hard. It’s a very slow progress but I am gradually trying to make my blog look interesting. Most of these early posts will probably not be very exciting, more likely to involve me panicking and worrying! So as I continue on this journey to creating a GREAT blog, I will leave you with some of the things you are likely to expect when reading this blog….

– more info about me and the life I live

– reviews of films, books, tv (anything!)

– fitness talk and workout ideas

– healthy lifestyle tips and advice

– the various locations I have traveled to or various days outs experienced

Basically anything that I find worth sharing whether its a rambling thought or an interesting idea or a review of a good book!

And back to the creation……… Tamsin



13 Mar

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Tamsin


As this is my first blog post, I’d thought it would be nice for you to get to know me a bit.

I currently live in Winchester, England where I am a student at the University. I am in my third year of studying creative writing and will be graduating later this year (eek!)

I have a big passion for traveling and will be documenting various holidays and trips on this blog. I love reading books and watching films and will review a number that I found particularly interesting.

Basically this blog is way for me to share my experiences and interests whether it’s related to living a healthy lifestyle, fitness, travel, culture….. whatever pops into my mind on that day…

Hopefully as I continue to write blog posts, you will learn and discover more things about me and what I like. For now though, I will let you soak up the information whilst I try to work my way around the blog world (still a learning process!)

Tamsin x